A range of techniques are offered at our clinic. These range from low force instrument adjusting to manual adjusting. Soft tissue work can be administered during treatments. If extra massage work is required you will be advised and referred to a remedial massage therapist, or given self help options.
Rehabilitative stretching and strengthening techniques may be prescribed and demonstrated, and ergonomic and postural advice may be given during your course of treatment. Adhering to this advice can improve results, reduce treatment frequency, and prevent re-injury.
Drew Hemer from MBS Fit covers a large range of soft tissue therapies including deep tissue massage, relaxation (Swedish) massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and functional cupping. Dry needling will also be available in November. Health fund rebates apply to those with appropriate cover.
Drew is also qualified as a personal trainer and is trained in postural analysis, range of motion testing and prescription of corrective exercises for your musculo-skeletal problem. Check out his "Corrective exercise Program Plus" which combines functional assessment, remedial massage, coaching sessions and a personalized training program to use at home.
The clinic sells a range of products that may aid in your recovery. These products include ergonomic pillows for adults, and rehabilitation products such as resistance exercise bands, rock tape for strapping, and deep tissue hand held massagers.