REGULAR EXERCISE- Move it or lose it! Generally the more we move our spinal joints (back and neck) and peripheral joints (elbows, knees etc) the stronger the joints become and the better controlled they are by our brain. When we don't move these joints the surrounding muscles can weaken and joint movement control can be reduced. So build some resistance exercises, cardiovascular and balance exercises into your daily routine. Start by looking at the straighten up website ( and try the daily 3 minute spinal health program. Then download the free mobile app to track your walks and keep you motivated ( 

KEEP WELL HYDRATED-Regularly sip water and minimise caffeine (coffee, tea, coke, etc) and alcohol intake as they can override the body's natural systems to keep muscles hydrated.

GOOD SLEEPING HABITS-Sleep on your side or back. Have a good pillow that supports your neck, and a good mattress that supports your back. Ensure that your pillow is the right size and height for you. One size does not fit all!!!. The clinic stocks 2 different height adjustable pillows (one is a water pillow!). Please ask you Chiropractor at your next visit if this would benefit you.

Follow these simple tips to help you achieve and maintain better posture.

IN THE MORNING: When getting out of bed use your hand and arms to support you in a sitting position. Then swing your legs to the floor and stand straight up. Once you are out of bed, do some gentle stretches. Stand up and stretch your arms above your head. Hug yourself by wrapping your arms around your body, then turning slowly as far as you can to the left and then the right without jerking.

DURING THE DAY: To keep you shoulders in the right position, stand tall as if there were a string attached to the top of your head that is being pulled up.

Avoid forward head posture by keeping your cheek bone and collar bone in the same vertical plane.

Avoid slouching and sitting for long periods of time. Take brief walks during the day, or stand and stretch as much as possible. While standing, balance your weight equally on both legs and feet being sure to put weight on all four corners of each foot.

AT NIGHT: When bathing young children be sure to bend from the hips, and use you legs when you lift your child.

Sleep on your side or back and avoid sleeping on your stomach. You can help reduce back strain by popping a pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back or between your knees when sleeping on your side.